How the Vet Gets Your Dog’s Teeth to Shine

Your golden retriever Jackson might be the best-looking pooch in town. This four-year-old canine companion sports a perfectly groomed coat that shows off his muscular frame. His handcrafted leather collar contrasts with his fur’s reddish tone. However, Jackson’s gleaming choppers are his most striking feature. When he strolls down the street with a happy grin, his teeth literally shine with good health. To achieve this result, your good-looking dog receives consistent professional dental care. He’ll visit your Simi Valley, CA veterinarian for a cleaning tomorrow.

Convenient Appointment

Jackson’s appointment meshes nicely with your busy schedule. You’ll take him to the hospital shortly after opening time, and he’ll receive his dental exam and cleaning during the day. In the late afternoon, you’ll retrieve your satisfied-looking dog and his squeaky-clean teeth.

Pre-Procedure Dental Evaluation

First, the vet wants a snapshot of your companion’s dental health. She’ll carefully examine his teeth and gums before studying his dental history. Treatment records from other facilities will also be helpful.

With luck, your dog will merely display some plaque and tartar accumulation. The vet might notice some gingivitis or bone loss around one or more teeth. If that’s the case, your pooch will get a regular dental cleaning. If she finds other red flags, she’ll consult with you before resolving them. Finally, she’ll evaluate Jackson’s overall health before giving him anesthesia. Blood work results will provide the information she needs.

Cleaning and Polishing

If Jackson gets the “thumbs up” for anesthesia, he’ll soon be snoozing away. Throughout the procedure, a veterinary technician will closely monitor your dog’s vital signs.

Now, the vet begins her meticulous work. First, she’ll examine your companion’s gums, ordering x-rays for potential trouble spots. Next, she’ll carefully clean his teeth, scrubbing off plaque and tartar with dental scalers. Finally, she’ll apply a special polish that smooths his tooth surfaces, making it harder for debris to accumulate there. After she wraps up the procedure, your dog will relax in his kennel until you arrive.

Home Brushing Sessions

Your Simi Valley, CA veterinarian will provide instructions on safely brushing Jackson’s teeth. Stick to canine toothpaste, as human paste will irritate his mouth and stomach.

With regular professional dental care, and consistent home brushing sessions, Jackson’s teeth should continue to remain healthy. To help your dog improve his dental health, contact us for expert assistance.

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