The Cat’s Meow

Do you have a chatty cat? Or does your kitty only speak when she wants dinner? Our feline friends all have their own unique personalities. While some are furry little chatterboxes, others just don’t seem to have much to say. Read on as a local Moorpark, CA vet talks about the cat’s meow.


Breed definitely plays a role in your kitty’s vocalizations. Certain breeds are known for being outspoken. The Siamese, for instance, is renowned for singing. In fact, Siamese kitties often sound quite a bit like human babies! (Fluffy may have realized long ago that this type of meow is very effective at getting her fed and cuddled.) Maine Coons are another breed with distinctive vocalizations. These fluffy gentle giants often make sounds that sound like chirps. There are also breeds that are known for being more reserved. The Ragdoll, for instance, tends to be quiet. In case you were wondering, cats have a much wider range of sounds than dogs do. Our feline friends make about 100 different noises, while dogs make about 10.

Talking To Your Cat

If you talk to your cat, she may very well answer back! The more you interact with your pet, the more interactive she will become. When your kitty meows at you, reply to her, and see how long you can keep the conversation going. Don’t be surprised if your pet suddenly starts purring and wanting cuddles. When you talk to your cat, Fluffy will know you’re paying attention to her. This is a great way to get your furball’s motor going.

Kitty Conversations

Did you know that adult cats rarely meow at one another? Our feline friends usually communicate with each other through body language and facial expressions. As it turns out, Fluffy usually only ‘talks’ to her human buddies. Your kitty may meow to let you know she wants dinner, tell you about the moth in the living room, or order you to retrieve her catnip mouse from beneath the couch.

Warning Signs

Changes in your cat’s vocalizations can often signify that your pet is in pain or distress. If you notice that Fluffy is meowing more, less, or differently than usual, you may have a sick kitty on your hands. Contact your vet immediately.

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