Thanksgiving Tips for Cat Owners

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are you hosting this year’s gathering? Kitties are definitely something for us to be thankful for! Our feline friends aren’t perfect, however, and have quite a knack for mischief! Read on for some great Thanksgiving advice for cat owners from a Simi Valley, CA veterinarian.


Some cats are more than happy to serve as lap warmers for guests, while others will bolt for cover the moment someone knocks on the door. If your kitty is shy, put her in a quiet back room with toys, food, and a litterbox. If you’re having young children over, supervise all interactions between your furball and the little ones, and give Fluffy a safe hiding spot, such as a pet tent, so she doesn’t end up getting her tail pulled.


Keep those scented candles well out of Fluffy’s reach! You’ll also want to be careful with dangly, shiny, or small decorations that could choke or entangle your frisky feline.


Fluffy deserves a special meal, too, but be careful what you feed her. Offer her canned tuna or salmon, or some plain, cooked meat without the fat or bones. Never give your kitty anything that contains garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; alcohol; caffeine; chocolate; xylitol; or avocado. Ask your vet for more information on unsafe foods.


Do your guests have allergies? Give Fluffy a good brushing before they arrive. Get as much dead fur and dander off her as you can. Then, thoroughly vacuum and dust your home, wash your bedding, and change your air filters. Keeping tissues and over-the-counter allergy medications handy is a thoughtful gesture.


If your cat sometimes jumps on counters, try to break this bad habit. You definitely don’t need Fluffy’s help in the kitchen! Most cats hate water, so try squirting her with a spray bottle. You can also startle your furball with loud noises: clap your hands, sound a bike horn, or rattle a jar of change. Another thing you can try is putting cookie sheets on the edge of your counter. When your kitty tries to jump onto the counter, she’ll knock them over. The resulting racket will probably send her running for her favorite hiding spot.

Happy Thanksgiving! All of us here at your Simi Valley, CA animal clinic want to wish you a beautiful holiday season. Please contact us anytime!

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