I have been taking my dog Filo here since she was 3 months old. She is turning 12 this year. Dr. Cruz goes above and beyond in care at this facility. I’ve never had a need to go anywhere else because at 3 months old when Filo was infested with worms in her intestines and I had a hectic work schedule Dr. Cruz stayed in after hours to see Filo so we could start the meds right away. My list is long with Filo’s health care needs that were satisfactorily and very kindly met at the hands of Dr. Cruz and his team each time. The staff is patient, polite, well trained professionals and most of all kind, caring and understanding. The facility is always kept clean and smelling good. I cannot say enough good things for the service provided by Dr. Cruz. From little things to big things it’s professionally handled with the kind of care that is very rare to find in today’s time. The love for animals is apparent. Salute to Dr.Cruz and team. Job well done above and beyond always.

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