Provide Great Care for Your Guinea Pig

Your new guinea pig Morty has just made a dramatic life change. Earlier today, you adopted this sociable rodent from your town’s animal shelter. You plan to spoil him rotten, lavishing him with a spacious apartment and plenty of toys. Most importantly, he’ll visit your Simi Valley, CA veterinary clinic tomorrow morning. The vet will give Morty a new patient exam and prescribe a species-appropriate diet.

Comfy Living Environment

Place Morty’s enclosure in a pleasant indoor setting with little traffic or noise. Select a room with consistent 65 to 79 degree temperatures. Don’t put his cage in direct sunlight, as his furry body can’t tolerate heat or humidity. He could easily develop dangerous, even deadly, heat stroke. Although he’ll enjoy the solitude, he’ll also appreciate visits from your family.

High-End Habitat

Morty’s roomy wire, metal, or heavy-duty plastic enclosure gives him plenty of space. Ventilate the cage well, but don’t cover the top. Guinea pigs rarely try to escape their desirable digs. By installing a solid floor, your rodent will be less prone to leg and foot injuries. You’ll also find it easier to clean up his droppings. Every day, provide your busy pet with fresh new bedding made from shredded newspaper or recycled paper litter.

Nutritionally Complete Diet

Your lucky rodent will probably chow down on a guinea pig pellet formula. Ask about adding leafy greens and other vegetables. Because guinea pigs are known for persnickety eating habits, rotate his veggies often so he’ll accept a new variety. Ask your vet about vitamin supplements.

Your thirsty pet also needs unlimited fresh water daily. Attach a sipper water bottle to his enclosure. This way, he can’t contaminate the clean water with bedding and/or feces.

Diverse Exercise Options

You don’t want Morty to become a furry, chubby blob. Help him avoid obesity by providing sufficient cage exercise equipment. In addition, create a separate enclosed play area where you can interact with him. Before allowing him inside, remove chewable baseboards, wires, and outlets. A tile, wood, or linoleum floor will streamline your cleanup duties.

Your Simi Valley, CA veterinary clinic will provide Morty with yearly checkups. During those exams, the vet will likely perform blood work and fecal tests. She’ll also look for common dental disease and address emerging issues. To give your guinea pig excellent care, contact us for expert assistance.

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