Pamper Your Pet Bird With Excellent Care

Your brand-new parrotlet Coco has joined the ranks of spoiled-rotten pets. Earlier today, you adopted this gorgeous girl through a regional avian rescue group. You want her to enjoy life with your family, so you’ve given her all the comforts of home. Tomorrow, Coco will visit your Moorpark, CA pet clinic for a new patient exam and a species-appropriate diet. The vet will also provide expert socialization advice.

Spacious, Well-Appointed Enclosure

Give Coco a roomy enclosure that measures almost three times her wingspan’s width and depth. She’ll probably entertain herself by gnawing on the cage bars and latch. Watch these critical components closely, and replace the cage when they begin to look fatigued. You don’t want your resourceful bird to escape into the rest of your house.

Provide your avian companion with several appealing perches. Keep her cage squeaky clean to improve her chances of good health. Give her clean, fresh water at least twice daily. To challenge her clever mind, buy several colorful toys; and rotate them frequently. Finally, purchase one or more treat puzzles that make her work for her highly prized snacks.

Species-Tailored Diet

Your hungry girl deserves a tasty, nutritionally balanced diet. Although she resembles her macaw and cockatiel relatives, she has different dietary requirements; and she doesn’t consume the same foods. If she regularly ate ingredients meant for other birds, she might experience unwelcome health problems.

You might think Coco would enjoy an all-seed diet. Her specially formulated nutritional pellets are a better choice. This expert-designed blend should comprise almost 80 percent of her daily calorie intake.

With the vet’s approval, add small pieces of fresh veggies and/or fruits. No matter what, don’t feed her – or any other bird – highly toxic foods such as rice, pasta, onions, garlic, or chocolate.

Interspecies Family Group

Coco likely regards your family as her social circle. Welcome your new companion by placing her enclosure in a central indoor location. This enables her to observe and chat about everyone’s daily activities. For extra interaction, watch your fastidious bird bathe and preen her feathers. To tighten her family bond, ask the vet to recommend targeted training tasks.

Coco will visit your Moorpark, CA pet clinic for regular checkups. The vet will also handle emerging medical issues. To provide your beautiful bird with first-class care, contact us for expert assistance.

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