How to Make Your Cat Happy

Cats are known for being fairly easy to care for. Fluffy’s basic needs are simple: good food and fresh water, clean litter, and regular veterinary care will keep your furball healthy. But what does it take to make a cat happy? It may be easier than you think! Read on as a local Moorpark, CA vet lists some ways to activate the purr.

Safe Places

Kitties feel secure in small, enclosed spaces. Of course, having a plethora of soft cushions, blankets, and pillows to snuggle up in won’t hurt, either! Make sure Fluffy has lots of snug, cozy spots to settle down in for all those naps.

Proper Attention

Cats can be quite particular about how they want to be petted or held. Some kitties want nothing more than an occasional ear scratch, while others prefer to be stroked on their chins or the tops of their heads. And then we have the super-cuddly kitties: some lovable furballs just want to be held and petted constantly. No matter which category Fluffy falls into, abide by her wishes, and offer attention just when and how she likes it.


The more you talk to your feline buddy, the more interactive she’ll become! Even if Fluffy has absolutely no idea what you’re saying, she’ll know that you’re engaging with her, and will feel safe and loved, and perhaps a bit pampered.

Veterinary Care

We know, a trip to the vet does not equal a happy cat. At least, not immediately. However, Fluffy will definitely be much healthier with proper veterinary care. Healthy kitties are happy kitties!

Kitty Luxury Items

Cats may love being pampered, but at the end of the day, Fluffy actually has quite simple tastes. Soft napping spots, a good window view, and some toys are really not a lot for a furball to ask for! Of course, kitty furniture is always a good way to bring on the purr. Buy or make your feline buddy a few pieces of her own.

Lap Space

The best way to make your furry friend happy is just to make her feel loved. Fluffy may want nothing more than to snuggle up on your lap for some cuddle time. Indulge your furball’s wishes for attention!

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