How a Life-Stage Diet Helps Your Cat Stay Healthy

Your new orange tabby kitten Butterscotch resembles a tiny wind-up toy. Earlier today, you adopted this seven-week-old cat from your city’s animal shelter. Your feisty girl seems to think the entire house is her playground, as she races through the rooms at lightning speed. Tomorrow, she’ll visit your Moorpark, CA vet for a new patient exam and a kitten-focused diet. Butterscotch’s quality kibbles will provide essential nutrients for this first important life stage.

High-Octane Kitten Kibbles

Butterscotch lives her life at two speeds: fast and supercharged. Your miniature orange blur literally tears through the house. Her small body is also developing very rapidly.

To power her demanding activities and fast growth, she must consume a high-calorie kitten blend containing additional protein. If she crunched a substandard food, she could become ill or show below-average development.

Expectant/Nursing Mother Nourishment

Your crazed little kitten will soon become a breeding-age female cat. You’ll immediately have her spayed so she can’t add to the pet overpopulation epidemic. However, you’ve planned to become a foster cat mother for an animal rescue group. During your work, you’ll likely encounter at least one pregnant female.

This expectant mother must nourish herself and her growing offspring. If she consumes a quality food, she can generate enough milk for everyone. Top-notch nutrition also makes her less susceptible to certain medical problems.

Tailored Senior Nutrition

Someday, energetic little Butterscotch will become a dignified senior cat. During her golden years, she could face mobility issues and/or a chronic medical condition. First, the vet will address your cat’s health issue. He might select a specially formulated food that supports her treatment plan.

Feline Obesity Trigger

Cats often become pudgy from consuming too many calories for their decreased activity levels. They can also become fat, even obese, from crunching the wrong life-stage diet.

Assume middle-aged Butterscotch lives a pampered life. On any given day, she might be birdwatching, sleeping on her plush bed, or viewing an “Animal Planet” show. She has mostly abandoned her exercise routine. If she continues to crunch her high-calorie kitten chow, she’ll probably gain unwelcome weight.

As Butterscotch progresses through life, your Moorpark, CA vet will give her regular checkups and address emerging medical issues. He’ll modify your cat’s food to match her changing nutritional needs. To provide your cat with a quality diet, contact us for expert advice.

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