Landscaping with Dogs

Is your lawn starting to look withered? If so, you are certainly not alone! With California’s watering restrictions in place, many people are reconsidering their landscaping and opting for more eco-friendly options. Pet parents also often find themselves trying to decide how to utilize their yard so that their dogs can enjoy it without taking over the entire property. We can help! In this article from a Simi Valley, CA veterinarian, you’ll get some great tips on landscaping with Fido.

Section It Off

One way to keep Fido from destroying your plants is to section your yard off into different areas. Include a play zone for your canine pal, and then incorporate your garden into another section. You’ll want to make clear, distinctive borders. You can use fences, low walls, box gardens, pieces of driftwood, or even thick, dense plants to mark the boundaries.

Doggy Highway

Before planting your garden, watch your pooch and observe how he behaves in the yard. Does your furry pal tend to run back and forth in specific areas? If so, plan your garden around Fido’s doggy highway.

Ground Cover

Pet owners have several good options to choose from for ground covers. You can use artificial turf, wide paving stones, or pea gravel, or non-toxic, drought-friendly plants like Buffalo grass or thyme.


Make sure Fido is getting enough exercise, and that he has plenty of toys to keep him occupied in your yard. If your furry pal has a predilection for digging, make him a sandbox and bury some fun toys for your four-legged pirate to dig up. Your pooch should also have a comfy shelter and plenty of water.

Choose Plants Wisely

Be sure to choose only plants that are safe for your canine pal. You also want to avoid plants with sharp needles or thorns that could cut your pet. You can check the ASPCA website here for a full list of both safe and unsafe plants.

Protecting Your Plants

Another way to have both happy plants and a happy pet is to put fragile plants in the center of your beds, and surround them with thick, dense plants. Fido may very likely not want to bother pushing through dense shrubberies, and may look for other ways to amuse himself.

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