Keeping Your Kitten Safe

Has a new kitten recently joined your household? Congratulations! Your bouncing ball of fur is bound to keep you smiling with her adorable antics and endearing charms. Little Fluffy is also bound to keep you on your toes. Read on as a local Moorpark, CA vet discusses keeping your kitten safe.


Little Fluffy may be tiny, but she has a huge mischievous streak. You’ll want to do some kittenproofing to keep your adorable furball safe. Remove or secure toxic plants, wires and cords, and household chemicals. Plastic items, such as shopping bags and wrappers, are also very dangerous for baby cats. Keep small items, such as buttons, beads, and safety pins, in secure places that your feline friend can’t reach. We also recommend that you keep household appliances, such as dryers, closed when not in use. Ask your vet for more recommendations.

Toys and Entertainment

Your cute little pet is going to be very playful and rambunctious. Give your kitten plenty of fun toys to attack, and play with her every day. Just be sure to choose only safe playthings. Don’t leave string toys out when they aren’t in use: you don’t want your frisky furball getting tangled up.

Veterinary Care

A few trips to the vet are definitely in order. In addition to her initial exams, tests, parasite control, and vaccines, little Fluffy will need to be microchipped and spayed or neutered. While you’re there, ask your vet for specific recommendations on your cat’s diet and care needs. Kittens are very fragile, so keep a close eye out for potential signs of illness, such as hiding, poor grooming, vomiting, diarrhea, and litterbox issues. Call your vet right away if you see any of these symptoms.

Furball Monitoring

Kittens can fit into some very small spaces. This, combined with little Fluffy’s curiosity and natural urge to explore, can get your cute pet into quite a bit of trouble. If you have armchairs and/or rocking chairs, always check to make sure your tiny furball isn’t in or beneath your chair before sitting down. You’ll also want to seal off any open ducts, as well as the spaces under furniture and behind cabinets.

Does your kitten need an exam, microchipping, or spay/neuter surgery? Please reach out to us, your local Moorpark, CA animal hospital, anytime. We are here to serve all of your pet’s veterinary care needs!

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