Keeping Your Exotic Pet Healthy

Do you have a hedgehog, ferret, or another exotic pet? These little ones can make great animal companions, and can be very fun to watch and interact with. However, just like any other animal, exotic pets need proper care in order to thrive. Below, a Moorpark, CA vet offers some helpful suggestions on keeping your exotic pet healthy.

Provide A Proper Habitat

Many exotic pets spend a lot of time in their habitats. Make sure your pet is comfortable in his or her home. We recommend getting the biggest and best cage or tank you can afford. Some animals also have specific light, heat, and/or humidity needs. Be sure that you are providing your pet with a proper environment. Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including advice on ideal habitat conditions, suitable substrates, accessories, hidey-holes, and toys.


Choosing the right spot for your exotic pet’s habitat is very important. Keep your little buddy’s happiness in mind when setting up their habitat. For instance, many exotic pets will not be comfortable in direct sunlight, or in front of a TV or stereo. However, a pet that is isolated in a quiet back room may feel lonely, and could get depressed.

Understand Your Pet’s Needs

Do plenty of research on your pet’s species, and make sure that you completely understand your furred—or scaled—pal’s needs. Diet and habitat are the two most crucial aspects of your pet’s care, but it’s also important to understand your pet’s veterinary care needs. You also want to be aware of any household hazards that can endanger your animal companion. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Recognize Signs Of Illness

Many exotic pets are quite delicate, and can get sick very easily. Learn how to spot symptoms of sickness early on. When it comes to treating health issues in animals, the sooner a problem is diagnosed and treated, the better! Ask your vet for more information.

Offer A Proper Diet

Make sure that you are giving your exotic pet the right kind and amount of food. Never offer your animal companion a new food without first doing some research to make sure that it’s safe. Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including serving sizes, suitable snacks, and dangerous foods.

Do you have questions about exotic pet care? Contact us, your Moorpark, CA animal hospital, anytime! We are here to help!

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