Hug Your Cat Day

Have you hugged your cat today? If so, that’s great! We think our feline buddies should be hugged and pampered every day. However, there is actually an official day set aside for hugging cats: May 3rd is Hug Your Cat Day! Read on as a local Simi Valley, CA vet discusses hugging cats.

Why Fluffy Deserves Hugs

Cats have many wonderful qualities that make them such beloved and fun pets. For one thing, Fluffy is a very easy keeper. Just providing your furball with good food, regular veterinary care, and a clean litterbox will see to her essential needs. In exchange for these things, your feline companion will offer unconditional love, purrs, and kitty snuggles. She’ll also keep you laughing with her adorable antics and hilarious quirks, and comfort you with cuddles when you are feeling down.

The Rules of Hugging Cats

Hugging cats is actually a bit more complicated than one would think! First and foremost, you can only hug a cat that actually wants to be hugged. If your kitty isn’t in the mood to cuddle, she’ll just twist her way out of your arms. It’s probably worth noting that many furballs seem to have a knack for demanding attention when their humans are busy, and for refusing cuddles when their people are relaxing. However, that’s another topic entirely. Just keep in mind that it’s always up to Fluffy, not you, to decide when it’s cuddle time.

Proper Hugging Techniques

Always take care to hold your cat properly. You want to support your feline buddy’s bottom or legs with one of your arms. With the other hand, you can hold your furball’s shoulders. Some kitties like to curl around their humans’ necks, or sit on their shoulders. Just be sure never to hold your furry friend by her tummy: this can be dangerous!

The Benefits of Hugging Cats

Fluffy’s purr is not only adorable, it may be a little bit magic. Kitties vibrate at a frequency that has been shown to promote healing and soothe anxiety. That little motor is also a great sleep aid! If your feline friend purrs as soon as you pick her up, we recommend hugging her daily. It will be good for both of you!

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