Helping Your New Senior Cat Settle In

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month? Older dogs and cats are super cute, and make very sweet and lovable pets, but they often have a very hard time finding forever homes. Below, a Moorpark, CA vet offers advice on helping a senior kitty adjust.

Getting Ready

Before you bring your feline friend home, you’ll need to pick up some supplies. Fluffy will need bedding, toys, treats, dishes, and a litterbox and litter. Choose a litterbox with low walls, which will be easier for her to get in and out of. We also recommend getting a good carrier and some cat furniture, such as a kitty condo or pet tent.


If you know what Fluffy has been eating, get that same brand for now. Ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations, including serving sizes, supplements, and treats.

Letting Fluffy Settle In

Put Fluffy’s things in a quiet back room at first. This will give her a safe, quiet place to adjust to her new surroundings. If you have other pets, make introductions slowly and carefully. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Senior Facilities

There are some easy things that you can do to keep your feline friend comfortable and purring. Leave a nightlight on after bedtime, to help her navigate dark hallways. Fluffy may have difficulty climbing up to her favorite napping spots, so you may want to get some pet ramps, or arrange footstools so she can use them as stairs.

Veterinary Care

Schedule a veterinary appointment for your new pet. Even if Fluffy is already fixed, and is current on her vaccines and parasite control, she’ll still need a thorough exam. While you’re there, get some professional advice on your kitty’s diet and care needs.


Older cats aren’t as flexible as young felines, and sometimes have trouble grooming themselves. Offer Fluffy a helping hand by brushing her regularly.

Nap Time

If there’s one thing we know for certain about cats, it’s that they are very, very sleepy. Make sure Fluffy has lots of comfy napping spots.

Purrs and Kitty Cuddles

Don’t force attention on Fluffy: just give her time to settle in. Offer treats, toys, and plenty of TLC to get that little motor running.

Do you have questions about senior cat care? Contact us! As your Moorpark, CA animal clinic, we’re happy to help.

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