Helping Your New Bird Settle In

Have you recently adopted a bird? Good for you! Birds are both cute and charming, and can make great pets. The next few weeks are going to be very important, as they will set the stage for your relationship with your new feathered friend. In this article, a Moorpark, CA vet offers tips on helping your pet bird get settled.


Since Polly will spend the majority of her time in her cage, making sure that it is comfy for her is very important. Different types of birds need different types of cages, so do a bit of research before shopping. Regardless of what type of bird you get, we recommend buying the biggest, best cage that you can afford. Don’t forget to pick up toys and perches!


Choosing the right spot for the cage is also very important. Polly will feel safest if her cage is in a corner. Choose a spot where she can see and hear you, but isn’t in the center of things. Putting some pet-safe plants near the cage may also help your bird feel more at home.

Letting Polly Adjust

Changing owners and/or environments can be extremely stressful for birds. Give your feathered friend time to get settled. Don’t attempt to touch or handle her for the first few days. You’ll need to feed Polly and clean her cage, but try to do this as quickly and quietly as possible. Otherwise, just leave her alone.

Getting To Know Your Pet

After your pet has had a few days to settle in, you can start spending time with her. Sit quietly near her cage, perhaps while you are reading or watching TV. Talk to Polly frequently, in a gentle, soothing tone, to get her used to the sound of your voice. Offering your feathered pal toys and treats may also make her feel more comfortable.


When you feel that it’s time to interact with your winged buddy a bit more, proceed slowly and with caution. When you reach into the cage, give Polly a chance to hop onto your finger, but don’t grab her. If you scare her, it could take her a long time to overcome her fear. Be patient and gentle, and give your bird lots of time to adjust.

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