Ferretproofing Tips

Do you have a ferret? Are you considering adopting one? These little guys are super cute and fun pets! Ferrets do have quite a knack for getting into mischief, however, so it’s important for you to make sure your home is safe for your tiny pal. Read on as a Moorpark, CA local vet offers some helpful tips on ferretproofing.

Small Spaces

Ferrets are absolute masters at squishing themselves into small spaces. You’ll want to seal off any openings beneath or behind your furniture and cabinets. Also, make sure that your air ducts, doors, and windows close securely. One good way to stay on top of this is to get on your hands and knees and look around from ferret-level. You’d be surprised at how many places these little guys can get into!


Like many pets, ferrets are very curious. Your pint-sized pal could get seriously hurt if he ingests or is exposed to toxic substances. Keep household and automotive products, paints, lawn/garden chemicals, and medications well out of reach of those tiny paws. Be sure to remove poisonous plants as well.

Sharp/Small Items

Keep any small or sharp objects away from your curious little buddy. Some of the things you’d want to address are jewelry, beads, pins, tacks, nails and screws, fishing tackle and hooks, craft kit pieces, sewing kits, and buttons.


Plastic wrappers, ties, and bags all present serious choking and entanglement risks for small animals. Be sure to store these things well out of your ferret’s reach.


Wires and cords can be very dangerous for a curious little furball. You definitely don’t want your pet chewing on a live wire, or getting entangled in a drape cord! Use protective coverings or taste deterrent on any wires your ferret can reach.

Personal Items

As you may have heard, ferrets are renowned for hoarding things. Your furball may very well try to stash anything he can carry! It isn’t uncommon for people with ferrets to realize they are missing keys, phones, wallets, or other valuables. Keep an eye on your red-handed pet, and watch where he hides his goodies. If something turns up missing, that will be the first place to look.

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