Feline Obesity

Did you know that over half of housecats are obese or overweight? While we love seeing pampered pets, those extra pounds are very bad for your feline buddy’s health! A Moorpark, CA vet discusses obesity in kitties below.

Causes of Obesity

Overeating, combined with a lack of exercise, are the main causes behind feline obesity. It’s very easy to overfeed your furball. Even giving Fluffy just ten extra calories a day can cause her to pack on the pounds. Feed your kitty a good, high-quality diet, but don’t overindulge her. That said, there are some other factors, such as age and medical issues, that can sometimes contribute to obesity in cats. If you’re not sure why your pet is getting pudgy, have your vet examine her.

Dangers of Obesity

Obesity carries several serious health risks for cats. Kitties that are overweight or obese have a higher risk of developing harmful medical problems, such as heart disease, liver trouble, diabetes, and respiratory issues. They’re also more likely to have skin problems and reproductive trouble, and are at greater risk of having complications after surgery or anesthesia.

Keeping Your Kitty Trim

Keeping your kitty active will help her stay at a healthy weight. Unfortunately, given the fact that napping is Fluffy’s favorite activity, this can be a bit challenging. Needless to say, you probably won’t have much luck getting your cat to do stair runs. To keep your feline buddy moving, engage her in fun, daily play sessions. Use a toy that you can control, like a laser pointer or wand toy, to pique your kitty’s interest. It’s worth noting that cats sometimes snack when they are bored, so give Fluffy lots of fun toys to keep her amused when she’s alone. We also recommend providing your furry buddy with a comfy spot that offers a good window view.

Helping Fluffy Lose Weight

Cats must lose weight slowly in order to trim down safely. If you know or suspect that Fluffy is, in fact, not just fluffy, ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations. Don’t ever put your furball on a crash diet. This is very bad for kitties’ metabolism. Your beloved pet could get very sick!

Do you have a chubby kitty on your hands? Please feel free to contact us anytime. As your Moorpark, CA animal hospital, we are here to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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