Doggy Training Basics

Does your pet come when you call him? Or does Fido ignore your summons unless he thinks there’s a yummy treat in store for him? Proper training is very important for Man’s Best Friend! In fact, teaching your furry buddy good petiquette is absolutely crucial, for both safety reasons and petiquette. If your dog isn’t fully trained, you may want to send him back to school. Read on as a Moorpark, CA vet offers some tips on training your canine companion.

Class Furriculum

It may be tempting to show your furry friend some adorable tricks, but start with the basics. The five most important commands to teach Fido are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. These can help you retain control over your dog in crowds, near strange animals, and in other potentially- hazardous situations. Make sure your cute pupil has these five commands down before you move on.

Report Cards

If you give your pup a report card with a gold star on it, you’ll probably just get a cute head tilt in response. (Of course, Fido may also try to eat his progress report.) Treats are a great reward for your canine pal, and can really help keep him interested and motivated. Use small portions of safe, suitable snacks, like shredded deli meat or pieces of hot dogs.

School Sessions

Fido doesn’t have a very long attention span, especially if there is a squirrel in the classroom. Choose a quiet, isolated spot to work, at least at first. It’s also important to time your classes right. Don’t bore your furry pal with long training sessions. Short daily sessions will be much more effective.

Be Consistent

Using different phrases to say the same thing can confuse your pup. Always use the same words or phrases when working with Fido. For instance, don’t say ‘Sit’ one day and ‘Sit Down’ the next.

Tail Wags

Keep Fido’s classes positive and upbeat. Avoid working with your canine friend when you are feeling anxious or grumpy. Dogs are very astute, and can quickly pick up on their human buddies’ moods. If Fido senses that you are uneasy, he could become wary of his classes. You definitely don’t want that!

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