DIY Cat Furniture

Does your cat have furniture of her own? While Fluffy probably won’t have too much trouble making herself comfortable on your furniture, your feline buddy will probably enjoy having some of her own things to nap on. You don’t have to break the bank to give your feline friend some great kitty furniture, however. In this article, a local Simi Valley, CA vet lists some great options for DIY cat furniture.

Kitty Tower

Kitty towers are one of Fluffy’s favorite things. They offer a high vantage point, a scratching post, and yet another napping spot for your feline buddy. One great option for a DIY cat tower is to simply repurpose an old stepladder. Just add planks so your furry friend has comfy napping spots, and then cover the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. You can also use a sturdy metal shelving unit, or even build your own.

Scratching Board

You can make your furry little diva her own scratching board just by attaching carpet to a wooden board. You can nail it to a wall, or add a frame so that it stands on its own. Presto! Happy cat.

Window Seat

Kitties love to relax in sunbeams and watch the neighborhood birds and squirrels. To make Fluffy her own window seat, install a wide shelf or plank on the bottom of your window frame. Add a bit of extra support to make sure it’s sturdy enough, and then use blankets, carpet, or a pillow to make it comfy.


To make your feline buddy a little hammock, you’ll need an end table with four legs. Cut a towel, blanket, or pillowcase to fit it, and then attach it to the table legs. Voila!

Kitty Tent

You can make Fluffy a cozy little kitty tent using a wire hangar and an old tee shirt. Look online for complete, step-by-step instructions.

Cat Walk

If you’re a very handy type, or just want to completely spoil your feline friend, install wide, sturdy shelves in a pattern that gives your furry pal her own kitty highway, with steps at the entrances and exits. Cover them with carpet for a cat-friendly finishing touch. This is a great option for a patio!

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