Digging in Dogs

Does your canine buddy have a penchant for digging holes in your yard? Is Fido destroying your flowerbeds? Man’s Best Friend does enjoy doing lawn/garden work, but his handiwork isn’t always appreciated by his human pals. Read on as a Moorpark, CA veterinarian discusses digging in dogs.

Reasons For Digging

Although digging is to some extent a natural behavior, there are things you can do to reduce or eliminate your pup’s mining predilection. First, you’ll need to figure out why he is digging. Dogs can dig for a variety of reasons. Fido may be trying to make himself a little den, or seek relief from heat or insects. Your furry buddy could also be bored or restless, or have too much pent up energy. Some dogs dig to bury toys and treats for later. If your pooch is still intact, he may be wanting to escape, so he can go looking for love.

Pinpointing The Issue

If you’re not sure why your pup is making holes in your yard, studying how and where your furry miner digs may provide helpful insight. For instance, if Fido mostly digs in straight lines, he may be trying to get at a small animal that is burrowing under your yard. If your dog is digging along your fence line, he may be trying to escape. And if your canine buddy tends to bury his toys and treats, well, you just might have a four-legged pirate on your hands.

Changing Fido’s Habits

Once you’ve figured out what’s behind Fido’s landscaping obsession, you’ll be able to address the issue. Start by eliminating boredom and discomfort, even if they aren’t the root cause of your furry friend’s digging habits. Make sure that your canine pal has suitable shelter, shade, and water outdoors, and give him plenty of toys to keep him occupied. Consider building him a sandbox to bury his goodies in. We strongly recommend all dogs be spayed or neutered, and current on vaccinations and parasite control. It’s also important to make sure Fido is getting enough exercise. Burn off your pet’s excess zing by taking time to play with him every day. After a vigorous game of fetch, your pooch will hopefully be more interested in napping than in his landscaping projects.

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