Adopt a Cat Month

Did you know that June is officially Adopt A Cat Month? We always love to see kitties going to wonderful forever homes, no matter what month it is. That said, this is a great time to talk about adopting a kitty. Below, a Simi Valley, CA vet discusses adopting cats.

Adopting From Shelters

Adopting from a shelter is one of the best ways to support animal welfare. It’s also a great way to find your new pet! You’ll be able to choose your new kitty from a variety of adorable furry faces. Plus, you get to feel great about helping homeless animals: Fluffy’s adoption fees will help the shelter care for their furry wards, and the space she vacates will soon be filled by another cute furball.

Choosing Your Cat

Think about what kind of cat you want. Kittens are adorable, but they are also a lot of work. You’ll have to do some pet parenting to keep your furry little toddler out of mischief, and help her grow into a healthy adult. An adult kitty may still be quite frisky, while a senior cat may be more interested in naps and cuddles than chasing a toy mouse. Breed is another thing to consider: each breed has their own specific personality traits. Of course, you may wind up falling in love with a furball that is the opposite of what you thought you wanted. That’s okay, too! Just remember that adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. Make sure you are ready to care for Fluffy throughout her entire life.


Before you go to get your new furbaby, you’ll want to do a bit of shopping. Fluffy will need a litterbox, litter, a bed, toys, dishes, a carrier, and, of course, food. Try to find out what your feline pal has been eating, and get that brand for now. Dietary changes should always be made slowly, and only after consulting your vet.

Settling In

Keep Fluffy and her things in a quiet back room for a few days, so she can adjust to her new home. Play with her, talk to her, and offer toys and treats, but don’t force attention on her. With TLC and patience, you’ll have that little motor going in no time!

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