6 Ways to Help Animals This Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, and we all become immersed in seasonal hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget that, beneath all its material trappings, the holiday season is very much about giving. Of course, you may already have a lengthy shopping list for your beloved pet, but why stop there? In this article, a local Moorpark, CA vet offers some advice on how to help animals in need this holiday season.

Spread the Word

Do you know of a pet that needs a new home? Share the word on social media. You can also share articles on local rescues, or just pass on tips about animal care in general. If you have children, bring your little ones to a zoo, or watch educational, age-appropriate documentaries with them, to help them learn more about our wonderful animal friends.


Donations are always a great way to help animal rescues and shelters. These organizations face tight budgets and high operating expenses, and can always use financial help. If you don’t have a lot of wiggle room in your budget, consider donating supplies, such as food, carriers, or leashes. Every little bit helps!


Are you taking some time off for the holidays? Why not spend some of that downtime volunteering at a local shelter or rescue? It’s a wonderful feeling to come home tired after spending time helping our furry friends.

Speak Up

If you know of an animal that is suffering from poor living conditions, contact local authorities and rescue groups. Most places will allow you to make these reports anonymously, so you needn’t fear retaliation.


Are you a creative type? Make a special piece, and then auction it off and donate the proceeds to an animal rescue organization.


Adopting is, of course, a great way to help animals, but it’s a major commitment, and not one that should ever be taken lightly. If you can’t adopt right now, but have some extra time and enough room and money, consider fostering an animal temporarily. This can be a great way to help our four-legged friends! Before deciding, however, consider the fact that, as a foster pet parent, you’ll eventually have to say goodbye to your furry ward. That can be tough!

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Moorpark, CA animal clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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