6 Key Points of Good Exotic Pet Care

Are you considering adopting an exotic pet? While dogs and cats are by far the most popular pets, other animals, like ferrets, reptiles, lizards, and birds, also have plenty of charm, and can make wonderful animal companions. Caring for an exotic pet can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also mean a lot of work. Here, a Moorpark, CA vet lists some key points of good exotic pet care.

Do Your Research

If there was just one golden rule about caring for exotic animals, it would be to do your research before adopting one. Some exotic pets need specific environmental conditions, while others require special diets. Make sure you know what your pet needs to stay happy and healthy.

Don’t Buy On Impulse

Exotic animals can be very pretty, and are often fascinating to watch. It can be easy to fall for an animal’s cute face! However, pets should never be bought on impulse. If you are considering getting an exotic pet, think long and hard before making a final decision.

Buy Responsibly

Unfortunately, not everyone in the exotic pet business has their animals’ best interests in mind. Trade shows and even some pet stores sometimes sell animals that have been taken directly from the wild, and even sometimes offer species that are protected. This makes for an unhappy animal, and can also threaten delicate ecosystems. Be sure to buy from reputable breeders or pet stores.

Provide A Suitable Habitat

One of the more complicated aspects of exotic pet care is making sure your animal companion has a suitable environment. This may mean purchasing special equipment to ensure that your pet’s habitat has the right lighting and heating equipment, and offers the right terrain, humidity, and temperature.

Offer Proper Food

Proper nutrition is important to all animals. While you can find commercial food for some exotic pets, others need to eat very specialized diets. Make sure you are offering your animal companion the right type and amount of food. Also, never give your pet a new food without first researching it to be sure it’s safe.

Find A Good Vet

Not all veterinarians will treat exotic animals. Find a good local vet that can see to your pet’s care needs.

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